My Book

1 I want to share a story. Maybe no one will believe it, but that’s okay. I have a problem though. I don’t know where to start. I thought about starting with the shed, where my adventures began. But before that, I need to talk about Mr. Bowditch and how we became friends. It was a miracle that happened to my dad that brought us together. It was an ordinary thing that has happened to many people since 1935. But for me, it felt like a miracle. But that's not where I should start. I should start with the Sycamore Street Bridge. My dad needed a miracle because of that bridge. As I think about it, I see a clear path leading up to Mr. Bowditch and his padlocked shed. It's not just a path, but a chain. And I was the kid with a shackle around his wrist.

2 The Little Rumple River runs through my town called Sentry. Before I was born, there was a wooden bridge that crossed the river. In 1996, people from the state said the old bridge was not safe anymore. They put up a steel bridge, which was good because it was safer. They named it after someone who died in Vietnam war. People called it the Sycamore Street Bridge. The steel bridge was noisy when cars and trucks went over it. It was not big enough for big trucks, but it was better than the old one. They talked about putting a sidewalk on it, but never did. My dad said the new steel bridge is good, but if they had not built it, my mother might still be alive. Goddam bridge.